August 28, 2014

Your Words Matter: The Long Term Impact of a Teacher's Word Choice on Elementary Children

Here in the U.S. there seems to be a mindset amongst officials, parents, and even some teachers that the early years of a child's school career only matter as a starting point. Pre-K through third grade mostly focus on teaching a child to sit still and be quiet for hours at a time, to read and write and count and tie their shoes, and how to follow rules. Beyond this, little counts. Marks given in these grades don't count toward graduation or college acceptance beyond the child having passed through them to get to the next level, so what does it matter?

First Grade/Pre-K field trip to Cook's Natural History Museum.
Yet, it's in these early grades where we develop deep rooted ideas of self. Ask a child to describe themselves at the end of each year, and you'll see almost every one will have the same answer from third grade through the rest of their lives. Where do they get this self-image? Where did you get yours?

July 21, 2014

Upcoming Interview - The Will Anderson Show

I will be joining local talk show host, Will Anderson on air during his show on Wednesday, July 23. The show airs on WTKI and WEKI weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. central standard time.

We will be discussing my debut novel, Right of Succession.

July 9, 2014

Working Behind the Scenes

I know it looks like nothing has been going on since Con Kasterborous the last weekend in June, but there has been a lot happening "behind the scenes" so to speak.

Hubby and I both came down with con crud, and both girls had a bad case of hay fever that weekend. So the whole first week of July, we were all miserable. I'm thankful Hubby and the girls are back to feeling at 100%. I've had a cough and sinus issues that refuse to go away, and I woke up on July 4th almost completely deaf in one ear. Because of this, I have avoided any and all crafting, but that doesn't mean I've been idle.

Soap and Perfume Booth at Craft Fair
My booth at last year's Homespun.

June 24, 2014

Fragrance Introductions: The Physicist and Master Detective

Calling fans of Stephanie Osborne's Displaced Detective series. Here are two fragrances inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Skye Chadwick-Holmes requested and licensed by the author.

Sherlock Holmes inspired original fragrance
Master Detective Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
First up is Master Detective, a complex and spicy blend of tobacco blossom, caramel, honey, mandarin, rose, black amber, clove, nutmeg, musk, coffee, cinnamon, and evergreen. The soaps are largely glycerin with a swirl of goat milk.

Dr. Skye Chadwick-Holmes inspired original fragrance
The Physicist Goat Milk Soaps
Next we have The Physicist, a green and warm blend of oakmoss, sandalwood, tonka bean, cedar wood, lemon, petitgrain, black amber, clove, nutmeg, musk, fresh cut grass, and evergreen.

June 23, 2014

Right of Succession is Available!

Long time readers will know I've spent more than half my life working on my first full novel. I've written other things in the past nineteen and a half years, but I kept going back to Right of Succession.

Well, it's finally been finished and published!

A. B. England's break out novel

It is available on Kindle and in paperback form. In fact, you can snag an electronic copy free from Amazon if you head over and download a copy by Tuesday, June 24.

For local folks, I'll be at Con Kasterborous this weekend, and I should have about twelve paperback copies available for purchase at my booth. (If they arrive when my publisher says they will, that is.)

Personalized, signed copies will be available through along with all bath and body, knit, and crocheted items come mid to late July when I finish integrating my storefront with the main website. My Etsy store will stay up as a means to accept inquiries from existing customers and to direct returning customers to the main website.

If you read and enjoy, please help a new novelist out and leave a review. And as always, thanks for your support!

June 18, 2014

Fragrance Introduction: Dragonback

Here's yet another requested fragrance. Dragonback was inspired by dragon lore.

Dragon lore inspired original fragrance
Dragonback Glycerin Soaps
The soaps are solid glycerin in an ever variable swirl of red, green, gold, and black. The fragrance is a spicy blend of wood smoke, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, black amber, musk, and evergreen.

June 16, 2014

Fragrance Introduction: Demon Hunter

This fragrance is another request. At the time the request for a Dean Winchester scent was made, I hadn't watched Supernatural. I'm glad it was made though, because I have been enjoying binge watching the show.

Supernatural's Dean Winchester inspired original fragrance
Demon Hunter Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
The soaps are black glycerin with swirls of green goat milk soap. The fragrance is an earthy blend of warm apple pie, wood smoke, evergreen, and dirt.

June 10, 2014

Fragrance Introduction: Bad Wolf

Once again, most of 2014's line is made up of requests. Bad Wolf is no different.

Doctor Who Bad Wolf inspired original fragrance
Bad Wolf Goat Milk and Glycerin Guest Soaps

The design and fragrance was inspired by the Bad Wolf entity from Doctor Who. She was born out of the merging of Rose Tyler and the TARDIS. Of course, the soaps had to be TARDIS blue with swirls of pink representing The Doctor's favorite "pink and yellow" human. The glittering streaks of gold represent the time vortex itself.

The fragrance is an interesting blend of marine, ozone, rose, sweet cherry, almond, sandalwood, and musk.

June 7, 2014

Frustration and Injury

I know the blog has been a bit soap heavy lately. I've been more than a little obsessed these past few weeks, to be honest. Introducing the year's new lines at Con Kasterborous has become a tradition for me, and it starts three weeks from today. I've spent virtually all of my waking time at home either designing, manufacturing, or packaging soaps.

My booth at Con Kasterborous last year.
I finally finished yesterday. Well, I finished the manufacturing the soaps at least. I still have perfumes and lotions to go for most of the fragrances, new and old.

Fragrance Introduction: Sisterhood

Like so many folks, I got sucked into the Frozen frenzy. The songs have been stuck in my head for  months, and the girls have been playing Anna and Olaf for weeks. This fragrance was inspired by the two sisters featured in the film and the bond that ends up saving the day.

Frozen inspired original fragrance
Sisterhood Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
The soaps are goat milk in shimmery light blue and glycerin in bright red and green. The fragrance is a light and sweet blend of white gardenia, warm apple pie, chocolate, and crackling firewood.