August 17, 2008

Returning from Maternity Leave

I'll freely admit, I was caught completely off guard when I ended up on bed rest ten weeks ago. Sure I had the same problem at the same time when I was pregnant with Boo, but I was under the impression I'd removed the root cause, read tons of stress, from my life this time around. Turns out it's likely a genetic issue, so it's probably a good thing Hubby and I plan to stop at two.

I'd planned out a week or two worth of topics, but I didn't get to actually writing the posts before having to head off to the hospital the first time around. If I had, Hubby would have simply posted them for me while the medications the doctors put me on had me shaking so badly I kept hitting the wrong keys every time I tried to type anything.

At first I thought I might get a lot of writing done while confined to bed. Alas, worry for a child determined to be born too soon, the hormones of late pregnancy, and the nesting instinct hitting full force makes for a perfect storm of distraction. Besides, who has time to write when you have to give detailed instructions on how to use appliances and where things go to folks helping out with things around the house while you're forbidden to do more than pour yourself a glass of water?

Sneak was born last month, still a touch early but far enough along to be healthy. We've settled into a routine more or less over the last few weeks, and things are returning to normal at home and here on the blog. Look for posting to resume this week.

* The picture is Sneak in the hospital bassinet the day after she was born.


  1. Congrats, and glad everything turned out well.

  2. Thank you both! I'm happy to be back.

  3. Congratulations. Glad every one is well. Enjoy your sweet baby. Thigns go much mnore qucikly with number #2. And for the parts that still drag, well, at least as an experienced mom you know "this, too, shall pass." At leats, that was my mantra with #2.

    Best wishes,