February 7, 2009

Some days you just have the blahs.

Yesterday was a very blah day, and thus far, so is today.

Two weeks of almost constantly interrupted sleep; a sick, whinny toddler; a sick, screaming infant; getting packed to move week after next, and a house that feels like an icebox finally caught up with me. Boo started feeling better a few days back and took to tearing the house apart in five minutes flat the moment and refusing to help clean up at any point in the day, and every time I set Sneak down to pick up a bit, she'd start screaming all over again before choking and spitting up thanks to all the lovely gunk generated by the cold she caught last weekend. So, yesterday was a blah day.

I couldn't gather the gumption to pick up the mess left by hurricane Boo, and I was too exhausted to care. All I wanted to do was make it though until lunch, get the girls to sleep, and take a nap myself. Unfortunately Sneak napped like she's slept this whole past week, so a nap never happened.

Hubby thought he had the solution to my blahs last night. I hoped for chocolate, but I got two extra strength Tylenol PMs and orders to let him handle all of Sneak's night wakings.

Too bad Hubby's deaf in one ear, and even with the damage caused by repeated infections since 2006, I still have ears like a bat. So I still woke every time Sneak did, and the sedatives in the Tylenol PMs are just now wearing off.

It was sweet of him to try though.

I do hope I get to feeling better before it comes time to say good-bye to Brother. He's heading off to boot camp tomorrow first thing, so Hubby, the girls, and I are saying good-bye this evening. We'll miss him.

* Picture is Brother with Boo and Sneak, taken back in December.

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