February 8, 2009

Sunday: A Day of Rest and Planning

Sundays are planning days in the England household. Hubby does his lesson planning, and I plan out the meals and schedule for myself and the girls. The girls mostly just sleep from the time we get home until it's nearly time for dinner.

So, what's on the agenda for this week?

There's the general cleaning, which is a given any particular week. Then there's a letter review A-I for Boo, and working on self-soothing techniques for Sneak. I'll be packing the least played with toys for next week's move and taking pictures of the items we're going to be selling for Craig's List.

Meal wise, we're trying to use up as much of our stockpiled items as possible before the move, so there's less to move. So, it looks like herb chicken, meatless chili, and spaghetti will be the main dishes this week... Although, I'm fairly sure I could figure out something using the chicken and the half a pound of dried black beans in the cabinet. I'll have to think on it.

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