May 18, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 7 Update

May sucks!

I used to love spring. Even with plant sex creating tons of pollen to make my allergies go crazy, I loved spring.

Then I married a man who just graduated college with a degree in education. When you are a teacher or married to one, May is the worst month of the year! December and April run a close second and third, but May is the worst one by far.

The week or so before grades go out are bad enough, especially in the public system where each teacher is responsible for over a hundred students. December is a little worse since it's close to the holidays and there are so many other things vying for the teachers' and students' attention. The fight to maintain the students' attention begins in April. Let's face it, the majority of middle school and high school students clock out after spring break.

Add in the end of the grading period, awards ceremonies, parent-teacher conferences to discuss the following year's course of action for those students who need a bit more attention, and the constant fear contract renewal isn't going to come down on top of the behavior problems inherent when the students begin treating school like it's already over, and you have one perfect storm of suckage. There really isn't time for much outside work in those last three weeks or so before summer break begins and graduation ceremonies are over.

All this is to say Hubby and I weren't as good with our goals as we would have liked. Honestly, we've been so busy treading water, it's hard to remember the challenge at all until I log onto blogger to begin writing posts. Thankfully it will all be over Friday.

At least contract renewal isn't a concern this year. There is something to be said for teaching in the private sector!

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