May 8, 2009

The Challenge Begins Its Spread!

We have our first person to join the 52 Week Challenge!

Hubby's decided to start setting his own goals and is joining me for his first cycle while I'm in cycle two. With his heavy work schedule, setting three goals at once is a little much, at least for this cycle. So he's sticking with one goal this month, and he may up the goals next cycle since school will be out for the summer.

Hubby has been nothing but supportive throughout the first cycle of the challenge. I know I wouldn't have done nearly so well with it as I did without his support, and I'm hugely excited he's joining me in it now.

What's his goal? He's joining me in the goal to read from scripture every day. We plan to read and study together like we used to in the early days of our marriage before screaming babies drowned out our attempts to read aloud to one another from scripture. We know now to wait for the heavy duty study until the girls are in bed. The girls just don't have the attention span to sit through nor the patience to wait on us to finish before vying for our attention.

* The picture is of Hubby, Boo Bear, and me Easter 2007.

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