May 26, 2009

Goals for Cycle 3

My goals for cycle three of the 52 Week Challenge are simple.

1) Wean myself off caffeine.

As I mentioned before, I'm dependent upon caffeine much of the time. I don't like this, not only for health reasons, but it's just not good for the budget or productivity. Plus, I'm beginning to suspect it's playing a role in the insomnia issues I've had these past seventeen years or so, no caffeine after 3 p.m. or not.

2) Make at least 95% of what we eat.

I've actually already begun making more of what we eat here at home. It started out as more of a way to control my salt intake because our ENT thought it would help with vertigo, and now it's getting to where processed foods just taste off to us. Besides, who needs all that high fructose corn syrup?

3) Take five minutes for reflection daily.

Call it reflection, meditation, or whatever you will, I'm looking for a way to control stress. Some days I'm sure I'll brainstorm. Some days I may try to empty out my mind. Either way, it tends to take the stress levels down a notch, and that's a good thing in my book.

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