June 8, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 10 Update

Wow, a whole week without a post. It wasn't intentional. I got a little carried away with getting the house prepared for out-of-state family coming in for Brother-in-Law's wedding, what with Hubby being home to help me and all, plus two doctor's appointments.

Week 10 went pretty well. A thing or two still slipped our minds, but all in all, it's been the best we've kept to all the goals every day in the last few weeks.

I managed lowering my caffeine intake down to just one cup a day well. Today is the first day being off of it totally. We'll see how that goes.

We didn't necessarily have a "formal" workout every single day, but I think taking the girls to the park and running after them for an hour and completely reorganizing the house counts. I mean, if they have it in the selections for cardio workouts on SparkPeople, that counts right? In any case, it was enough to cause the hamstring I blew out in karate 10 years ago to act up for the first time in four years. Last time it was climbing up and down ladders to help my parents paint their house. This was a bit more intense and condensed into just Thursday morning instead of spread out over several weeks. This morning is the first I've been without pain in my left leg since Thursday evening. Hopefully the chairs where I'm spending my "reverse vacation" won't irritate it again like the pews at church did yesterday. (Penalty of being short. Another inch or so shorter, and my feet would be dangling.)

In case you're wondering what "reverse vacation" meant, Hubby's home for the summer and has decided he would like to take care of both girls and the house for the week while I get out of the house during the day. It's kind of like swapping places. He's taking up my role for a week, and I'm going to go, either to a coffee shop or just Mom's house while she's at work and work on finishing the final rewrites and polishing on the novel I've been trying to get ready to submit since the girls were born. (Don't worry. I have Mom's permission to use her kitchen table as a desk this week.)

So, that being said, I'm going to get off the main computer, save my work to a zip drive, and get going. I'll let you know how it goes.

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