June 19, 2009

Follow Friday

Sorry for the lapse, readers. I've been distracted in the mornings with catching back up after last week's reverse vacation, and Hubby's new books came earlier in the week, so he's been wanting the "office" to work on lesson plans. (Writing them now means we see him more during the school year, which we all want.)

I'm actually trying to type up a really fast post, so I can bring something useful to you. But there's much to do this morning, so time is scarce. Therefore, I bring you a new category: Follow Fridays. Those of you on Twitter will recognize the phrase. Twitterers have been using follow Fridays to recommend users to follow for months; however, there really isn't a lot of space to tell your readers why to follow someone in 140 characters. So, I'm going to do it here. Plus, some weeks I'll bring you Follow Fridays for Facebook or blogs.

Today's follow Friday is @hownottowrite. Jamie Groves is an aspiring novelist who discusses writing and his personal journey towards publication in his blog, How Not to Write. On twitter, he is known to link to good articles on writing and publishing, posts quotes, witty banter, and his adventures with his two young boys.

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