June 9, 2009

Reverse Vacation: Day 2

Day two of the reverse vacation saw more progress. It's perhaps not as impressive as yesterday, but still, progress.

I finished the last of chapter five. Then I combined previous chapters seven and nine to make the new chapter six, and began rewriting the old chapter ten as the new chapter seven. All in all, it was only 2300 new words. It's a paltry sum, and chapter six takes up the majority of the new word count. However, it was one of the more difficult chapters I'll have to write this week. I've completely changed several characterizations, and balancing the new interactions required a few false starts.

I'd hoped to get more done, but a sleep deficit I built up this weekend thanks to some disturbing dreams caught up with me early in the afternoon. I decided to take a quick nap to prevent writing gibberish and didn't wake up until three hours later. So, although I didn't produce as much new verbiage as I would have liked, I believe it is at least high quality work. The test will be in the reread at the end of the month.

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