June 13, 2009

Reverse Vacation: Day 5

Mom was home and preparing for a trip yesterday, so I only did a half day. Still, it was enough to add the end of chapter nine and first half of chapter ten. The total days word count was around 2000 words.

So, what was accomplished during the reverse vacation?

1. All four previously rewritten chapters were polished up and are now ready for submission once the rest of the novel is rewritten and polished as well.

2. Chapters five through nine and half of chapter ten were rewritten, and I'm talking major rewrites! Events from the end of the book were bumped up to the first half. A few things from the beginning are being slotted for later chapters. A few minor characters have had their personalities altered, and I decided to venture into the villain's mind for the first time. (That's a creepy place, let me tell you!)

3. Some chapters are longer now despite cutting huge swaths of purple prose because they're two or three of the old chapters. Now instead of forty-two chapters where some are just a page or two long, I anticipate about thirty to thirty-three longer, tighter, and more in depth chapters.

4. One third of the novel was reworked: almost 10 chapters and approximately 28,000 words. Will the end product top out at 84,000 words? I don't really know, but I'm shooting for at least 76,000, which is about 24,000 more than the previous version. I'm no longer trying to cram the novel into the young adult category, and it's freeing both in word count and in writing some of the darker elements.

So, what's the conclusion? The reverse vacation was a huge success in my book. I was able to kick the last of the caffeine habit. (Being able to actually nap a couple of those first days was a big part of staying off java!) I rewrote the first third of Right of Succession and mapped out what I want to do with the rest. And finally, Hubby proved he could manage the girls and the housework at least to a passable degree for a full week without ripping his hair out by the roots, if he doesn't have grading or lesson plans due at the end of said week.

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