August 10, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 19 Update

Last week started out with a bang, but it ended with a whimper. It was a pathetic whimper at that.

As the week began, I felt good and was getting a lot of work done. A migraine settled in Monday evening, so I took some Excedrin Migraine and went about my business. Well, it came back around lunchtime Tuesday. This pattern continued throughout the week until by Friday afternoon, I couldn't so much as open my eyes without searing pain until the medicine kicked in.

Thankfully the migraine that wouldn't die seems to have finally let go sometime Saturday evening. This morning has gone well, both girls are napping, and Boo "officially" begins her preschool homeschooling this afternoon. We would have started this morning, but I've been busy getting caught up after things piled up toward the end of last week.

Fingers are crossed.

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