August 25, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 21 Update

Last week started off with a bang and ended with a whimper. Literally, at least where the last part of the week was concerned. The first few days went very well. I kept the schedule, lots of work was done, and I even managed to sort through the first year's worth of posts for the blog I'm reordering into a book. Then Sneak started feeling poorly about midweek.

Sneak was cranky all day Wednesday and up half the night. She developed a fever Thursday afternoon, but by her doctor's appointment Friday, she was more or less back to normal. Then I came down with it Friday afternoon. Thanks to the nights of insomnia earlier in the week, the cold hit me hard, and by Saturday morning, I could barely move. My fever broke by Sunday morning, but I still wasn't one hundred percent. I'm still not to be honest. Years around secondhand smoke as a child has ensured colds settle in my chest and stay there as a reflexive cough up to three weeks after I get over the cold itself.

This is why I'm somewhat obsessive about keeping my girls away from cigarette smoke.

What's worse is I'm almost certain I could have prevented the worst of the cold. I stopped using my netipot on a daily basis after the three month cold-go-round finally ended back in April. Will it keep you from ever getting sick? No, but if you have allergies, it can help bolster your immune system by washing out allergens before your body wastes too much energy on them. Between hay coming into season and the beginning edge of the fall pollen season looming, it could have easily kept the cold from taking so much out of me. As it was, it was the only thing helping me to breathe this past weekend.

So, I'm adding using my netipot daily to my list of goals for this cycle, and I'm trying to talk Hubby into doing the same. As a teacher, it's critical for him and for us.

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