August 18, 2009

Cycle 6 Goals

My goals are a little more abstract this cycle.

1. Make great strides in productivity.

Now that I've found a schedule to work with the girls' new nap needs and to allow time for Boo to explore letters and numbers with guidance, I need to focus a bit more on my productivity as a writer and editor.

A local blogger has asked me to help them turn their blog into a book. The first step is reading through four and a half years of blog posts, catalog the usable ones by subject, secondary subjects, and make notes of any comments which added to the discussion. I intend to have at least the first half of this task done within the next four weeks.

I have finished the first third of the rewrites and trims on my novel. Now working on chapter ten, I'm almost 30,000 words in. My schedule has me alternating days on the projects, and I plan to rewrite up to the 55,000 word mark within the next four weeks.

2. Finish the last of the reorganization projects.

When we moved back in March, there were some items shoved somewhere convenient to get them out of the way. Hubby and I tended to the majority of them in the early part of the summer, but others were left. The bookshelf and filing system are two such neglected areas. You can imagine how much cleaning out and improving our filing and reference books would help both our productivity. Plus, the girls have both had growth spurts over the summer. It's time to separate out the old clothes from the new, pack Boo's outgrown things away for Sneak to use later, and separate Sneak's outgrown clothes into keep, sell, and give away bags.

3. Produce the new nursery curriculum for church.

I removed myself from teaching children's classes at church a few years back due to a health issue, but when the nursery class was reduced to just my two girls, I volunteered to take it over. After all, if I wasn't able to attend church because of health, knowing Hubby, the girls wouldn't be going either because he'd refuse to leave me at home in pain even though he can't really do much to relieve it.

When I began gathering materials, I noticed a few lessons had been lost from the curriculum over the years. I obtained permission to purchase new materials, but I haven't had a chance to begin putting the new lessons together yet. I plan to have at least two complete with all materials and visual aids completed by the end of the cycle.

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