August 2, 2009

Returning to the Gym

I posted a few months back about a desire to do some writing exercises, but like signing up for a gym membership without writing, "Go to the Gym," on the calendar, I never got around to actually doing the exercises. I've recently begun making a daily to do list as part of the 52 Week Challenge, and I've added working on Right of Succession to the lists at least four days a week.

I was going through the built up messages left on an old, little used email address the other day, when I found a review for a story I abandoned nearly three years ago. I've mentioned in the past I have written the occasional fan fiction story in order to get in some practice with one element or another I'm having difficulty with at the time. Doing so allows me to work on the issue and get a little feedback on how I'm doing with it without devoting a lot of time to world or character building. Well, with the multiple chapter stories I worked on, I had a tendency to drop them once I'd gotten what I needed from them.

I'd almost forgotten about the stories, and this latent review led me to go back and look over this old work. In them, I found my writing exercises. There's still a lot I can do with the stories, and who knows, I might even find some new elements needing work. In any case, I have some warm ups ready to go when I sit down to the keyboard.

Besides I hate leaving anything undone.

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