September 4, 2009

Follow Friday: Hannah Keeley

It's been a while since I've done a Follow Friday post, but I had to put one up today. Following yesterday's post, I had to let you know about a source of inspiration for me of late. Just after putting the girls to bed the other week, I curled up with a cup of cocoa while Hubby tended to grading. I was flipping through the three PBS channels hoping to find NOVA, Nature, or Science Now. What I found instead was Hannah Help Me.

Hannah Keeley is the show's life coach for lack of a better term, and she helps frazzled parents find methods to calm the chaos and build the life they want for themselves and their families. Basically, she helps them with the exact same stuff with which I've been struggling with the 52 Week Challenge.

Mrs. Keeley's website, complete with blog, articles, and downloads, can be found here. Also, she can be found on twitter here.

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