October 26, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 28 -30 Update

Wow, did I ever get side tracked! I've been getting a lot done though.

I've kept up my goals pretty well, and I've been more productive when it comes to writing. Just not when it comes to my blogs. Sorry about that. I'm distractable when I get excited.

I've been at the challenge for well over half a year now. There are only twenty-two weeks left in the challenge. So far, I've managed to loose twenty pounds in the past year. Eleven of those have been shed during the challenge itself. My house is cleaner and stays cleaner more often than not these days. I'm finally remembering to fit in my workouts six days a week, and I'm spending more relaxed, fun time with my girls. Hubby and I have rekindled some of the closeness we'd lost thanks to overfull schedules and everyday stresses, and I'm no longer depressed.

One major area where things haven't changed so much for me is my appearance. I am a couple of sizes smaller than I was in April, but otherwise, I'm still pretty much the same. I'm currently experimenting with a few homemade cosmetics. I have reason to believe they may work better for me personally since my skin seems to react to most perfumes used in store bought cosmetics. Plus, if there's even the slightest chance swapping to a homemade shampoo alternative will relieve the intense itching I've been experiencing in my scalp and stop my hair from falling out in clumps, I'll be overjoyed. (Medical issues have been ruled out.) I've already seen some promising results with a homemade mask regarding my complexion.

More tomorrow on my goals for this cycle.

* The picture is from back in August. Sneak just couldn't stay awake a moment longer!

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