October 3, 2009

Completely Random Thoughts

If your wondering why I've suddenly started including these random thoughts posts on the weekends, it all started with a post on another blog. I thought the statements there were true and funny; plus, my mind works in random, or at least barely related tangents. This is my weekly attempt at humor and the only place you'll see me write in the stream of consciousness style.

So, now on with the thoughts.

As much as I loathe reading things written in a stream of consciousness style, it's a rather freeing way to write.

Actually, I think the brief flirtation with it in literature ended decades ago. It's got to be the only style I haven't had come up while "stumbling."

Hitting the Stumble It button too many times in the afternoon leads to weird dreams, especially if a third of your preferred topics involve scientific fields.

Although, weird dreams, given time can lead to some awesome plot bunnies.

Philosophical thinking can be fun at times, but it'll make you dizzy if you stay at it too long.

Circular arguments are made of fail...massively!

That goes triple if the whole argument centers around semantics.

Isn't it weird how our bodies react to a verbal argument? How does increased respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, and the coiling of muscles help in those situations? Now, if a large predator was bursting from cover to chomp on on you, yeah, but for verbal sparing, it's kinda overkill.

Plus, tension headaches suck.

Does it count as a tension headache if the muscles are tense because the vertebrae are misaligned?

Reading back over those last three after Hubby came to ask a quick question, I just realized my stream of consciousness sounds disturbingly similar to Willow babble, seasons 1-3.

Thankfully the filter between my brain and mouth works....usually.

If I'm going to be using the netipot more often, we need to get a filter for our kitchen sink. Bottled water is getting ridiculous, and boiling won't remove chlorine.

Speaking of, it's time to go start the morning routine.


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