March 24, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Spring Break

She didn't have the easiest time scooping the potting soil, but Boo had a blast starting her first science project.

Putting the seeds in the dirt was her favorite part.

No pictures from the library itself, but here's Hubby reading one of the books to the girls. Yes, he was home all week believe it or not, just usually either behind the camera or getting something from another room.

We were just a tad nervous about letting Sneak play with the clay the first time, but she didn't try to taste it. We about didn't get it back though.

She spent the majority of her time pretending to roll out and cut biscuits. Yes, she has become that fascinated with cooking of late.

Why let cold, drizzly weather keep us from having a picnic?

This kind of tray is the best way to get them to chow down on raw, undressed veggies. And yes, that tray is for all four of us.

We attempted playing this jumbo sized Candyland game, but with Sneak up and about, we ended up just letting them play pretend with the pieces.

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