March 18, 2010

Spring Break? More Like Spring Cleaning.

As I mentioned Monday, this week is spring break in our neck of the woods. In our household, this means spring cleaning time.

The posts for this week were all actually written on Monday and scheduled for automatic publication. This was done, not so I could forget about the blog for the week, but so the mornings could be free to concentrate completely on tackling those tasks we usually only get to every few months. We're going through closets, dressers, shelving units, and even the attic while there are two sets of hands to accomplish the job and tend to the girls.

Then Hubby and I tend to our paperwork, grading, and lesson planning or writing, editing, and networking respectively while the girls nap in the afternoon, and we spend the evenings together enjoying the time. We've planned to let Boo Bear start her first science project, sprouting seedlings for our summer garden using some old egg cartons, potting soil, and a couple packets of seeds. There's a brand new four pack of play dough to open and strawberry jam to make, books to read, and bread to bake. If the weather holds, we have new beach balls and jars of bubble solution, the local park is calling our name, and Boo Bear is due to get her first library card that's all her own.

Hopefully this will be the last year this week long cleaning frenzy will be necessary. I've been incorporating the ideas I've garnered from Hannah Keeley and The Flylady, but there are still some areas left neglected while tending to the urgent things in life we want to conquer before the girls' birthdays roll around in a few months. Why not get what heavy lifting we can out of the way now, and maintain the balance with the skills I've learned this past year, so there is less to concern ourselves with those first few weeks of summer break?

* The picture is of Hubby and Sneak the first week of summer break 2009.


  1. That's great that you get a week like that. I wish my husband could be home for a week right now, my house is such a wreck!

  2. Well, since I wrote this post Monday, the week has actually turned out to be more of a bust for cleaning. Hubby and Boo came down with the cold that knocked Sneak and me out at the end of last week. We have managed to sort through the girls' toys, get Boo her first library card, baked some homemade whole wheat and flax seed bread, broke open the play dough, and we have everything ready to go for making strawberry jam and letting Boo start her first science project tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

    I still have my fingers crossed we can tackle the master bedroom while the girls visit with their Nana tomorrow morning.