March 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh In: Bummer

I'm very unhappy with the scale this week. I'm up a pound and a half, so I'm a half pound heavier than I was when the competition started! At least I'm still under the 200 lb. mark...barely. Lord knows it took me three years to get that far, I'm not going back without a fight!

I don't get it. I ate better. I worked out more, and I remembered my water at least most of the time. Hubby and I did go out for a lunch date on Friday since we had a babysitter for the whole day without having two days worth of errands to run, a rare occurrence, let me tell you. But I loaded up on water and increased my workouts Friday and Saturday. So why the backward movement?

I do feel a great deal better this week, however. I've had tons more energy, even the one night I slept horribly and woke up far earlier than normal. I haven't had the urge to nap mid afternoon, and I went all the way to Friday without having cravings. After the lunch out, I did start craving sweet junk, but it seems to have faded. Best of all, I've had better concentration this week. Whether this is from making almost everything we've eaten in the past week, the new vitamin D and 5-HTP supplements, or a combination thereof, I don't know.

I'd love to just completely forget about the weight thing and just concentrate on moving and eating well to feel great, but it's kind of hard to stay in a weight loss competition without stepping on the scales. And it's difficult to forget about the number on the scale when you have a weekly weigh in. Make that impossible when you blog about it for anyone interested to see.

I suppose I'm just embarrassed. It's not like I haven't lost three or four pounds then gained them back and lost them again in the same cycle for a few months now. This is just the first time anyone other than Hubby's heard about it.

Maybe I'm not adding my calories correctly. I brushed off my SparkPeople account yesterday to calculate the nutrition information for the summer spaghetti recipe posted for Sunday Sides and Suppers yesterday. I'll start logging my food again, and see if it makes a difference.

I just hate what a time suck it is considering I usually only have two to three hours or so a day to tend to all my business on the computer, which seems like a lot, but it's not when you have a couple of articles to write, marketing to do, and networking. Plus an old project I'm still trying to rebuild for a friend after 2/3 of it were dumped in December's hard drive death. Then again, maybe it wouldn't be such a time suck if I wasn't always having to add the nutrition information for my newest recipe. Trade offs, I suppose.

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  1. I know tracking food can be very time consuming, but it really does help to keep you...well...on track. I know when I don't track, I end up eating way too much. I forgot that handful of chips or that slice of cheese or simply didn't do well with portion control.

    I am currently tracking in two places online, Weight Watchers and Jillian Michael's. Once my WW subscription is up, I will move to just JM. I ended up doing both because I wanted to compare WWonline to JM's online program. Tracking food is easier on WW, but JM's program has so much more to offer, and is a little less expensive. Also, I've had bigger losses since starting JM's program....hmmmmm.....