March 29, 2010

Weekly Weigh In: Heading Back in the Right Direction

I'm back down two pounds! So, total for the first month is minus two pounds. I was hoping for a bit better progress, but still, it's better than nothing!

Okay, so tracking my meals brought forth fruit the first day. In an effort to keep my snacking healthy, I mixed up my own trail mix using peanuts, raisins, and whole grain cereal. The trouble was, I under calculated the calorie count by half. So I started just halving my meals. I'd have half at the usual meal time, and the other half for a snack.

Let's say I was going to have a Texas Scramble with a slice of whole wheat toast spread with a couple teaspoons of low fat vanilla yogurt and sliced strawberries for breakfast. I'd have the toast with yogurt and strawberries when I got up around 6:30, and I'd have the Texas Scramble at 9. I still keep my blood sugar on an even keel, and I end up saving 300-600 calories a day.

Now, if I can just figure out what has triggered my insomnia again in the past couple weeks, things will really start moving.

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