May 4, 2010

Fiction vs. Nonfiction

As returning readers know, other than the obligatory essays in college and a few articles here and there, I'm a fiction writer. Yet I'm taking a few months off from rewriting my last manuscript to draft a book of tips for living well as cost effectively as possible. This is my first, and likely only foray into writing a full length nonfiction book.

Writing nonfiction is a whole different ballgame. After roughly nineteen years of fiction writing, it feels foreign. Even though it is technically correct, it doesn't "sound" right. The rhythm's different without dialogue, and I'm struggling to find my voice with it. Thankfully I still have plenty of time for rewrites and edits before the tentative release date.

While in some ways easier, in others nonfiction is more difficult to compose. You don't have to worry about world building and character development, but organization is more stringent and there's citation to worry about. You can't jazz up nonfiction by adding conflict if it gets a little dull.

All in all, I can write nonfiction and enjoy it even, but I'm at home writing fiction.

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