July 26, 2010

Making Other's Good Ideas Work for You

One thing I've been doing over the past four years I've been working from home is looking around the internet, in magazines, and books, finding ideas, and then adapting them to our family. I've talked a lot about Flylady and Hannah Keeley over the last year or so. I've tried the methods both women advocate, and I loved the results. However, I have a serious need for visual cues to keep myself on track, especially when I'm particularly busy or tired. Having my control journal in a nice, neat binder works well for keeping important information all in one, easy to find place in case of an emergency, but I never seem to remember to look in there to make sure I'm on track.

Mom emailed earlier this week asking if either the school where Hubby teaches or we might need a bulletin board. She had one in her office she was no longer using, and she wanted to see it go to someone who could use it. I accepted, first intending to send it to the school. Then, I began thinking of setting up a household control board in addition to the control journal.

It turns out the bulletin board fit perfectly in our kitchen. So, now we have a control board with the weekly meal plans, daily chore lists, the girl's check lists, and the month's calendar posted where they will be seen whenever we enter or leave the kitchen.

We'll see if this helps Hubby and me keep track of all the balls we have in the air at any given time.

What are your tricks for staying on track?

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