July 31, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Week

I should do some podcasts now that I have a voice memo program and mike. Though, will anyone be able to understand them with the girls trying to talk over me?

Having a two-year-old figure out how to work your computer is a scary thing.

You know your hearing is starting to go when you have to ask your spouse if they can hear something because the ringing in your ears is too loud to hear over.

Nothing motivates a child like a sticker or the promise of a few pennies to rattle around in their piggy bank.

Summer storms crop up quickly and play havoc with lightweight children's lawn toys.

Slip on shoes, as a rule, aren't very helpful when retrieving toys from flooded lawns three houses down.

Why is it a toddler can sleep through the noise of a storm with no trouble, but instantly wake at the first word whispered within teen feet of their door?

Why exactly didn't I plant these pumpkin seeds last month? I wonder if they would ripen in time now.

Preschoolers apparently believe getting to do anything like mommy or daddy is the coolest thing in the world, even if it's just helping with the dusting, or getting their very own to do list.

I wonder if this voice memo thing would work for radio drama style mini episodes of The Icarus Project for the other blog?

Apparently my stream-of-consciousness rambling while trying to dictate a chapter into the voice memo program while cleaning is about as easy to follow as a super bounce ball chucked into a rubber room.

I am both inspired and intimidated by Cake Boss.
This was me putting the finishing touches on Boo Bear's third birthday cake.

Making a pie crust is at once easier and much harder than making a loaf of bread by hand.

The gigantic fields of GMO corn are ugly. I miss the hay fields. Even if they did make me want to claw my eyes out when they pollinated, at least they were both natural and beautiful.

Note to self: research questions as soon as they come up. Last minute reschedules suck.

Does having a real need to micro-analyze and list things out, even if I never actually look at the list again, the fact doing so is a major stress reliever for me in fact, make me a weirdo?

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