September 20, 2010

Our Greenhouse Project

Week before last, Hubby and I were certain our dreams of building a greenhouse were doomed. The wood deal we believed was lined up fell through, and we couldn't afford to go buy all new lumber.

Then my parents told us they kept the scrap lumber from when their house was built a few years back. There's a good deal of it. It's still in good condition, and we were welcome to it.

So, we'll be able to build our greenhouse after all!

Little Brother is going to be helping us build it, and he's sorting through the scrap wood and writing the designs in his spare moments. He believes he'll be able to build it over the course of the next month.

I'm trying to do some extra work where I can find it to pay for the topsoil, compost, and seeds. I'll be asking around to find some large buckets that would otherwise be thrown away for use as rain barrels outside the greenhouse and a radiant heat source inside the greenhouse as overnight temperatures begin to dip.

Our goal is to begin growing all our own produce throughout the year using organic methods. I was disgusted to find out the majority of the fresh fruits and vegetables our family prefers are part of the dirty dozen. Hubby and I both want our family to have access to our favorite fruits and vegetables without the side helping of pesticides, but store bought organic produce is far too pricey for our budget to handle.

I'll post more on this project as we break ground.

The picture is from the slide show that inspired our idea for a greenhouse. This one was built from a kit. It's lovely, but the hefty price tag on kits was too steep for us. We're basing our plans on the design, using mostly found items, and hope to have ours built spending less than $80 on materials.

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