September 4, 2010

The Week in Random Thoughts

Wow, the girls' closets hold a lot of clothes! Where am I going to store these until the yard sale?

Oh look! Isn't that yarn pretty, and it's marked half off. I wonder if I could learn how to knit.

You can find out how to do just about anything on YouTube.

Stupid shaking. I know what I'm supposed to be doing, but it's awfully hard to keep the yarn on the needles when my hands keep trembling.

If I'd known it was going to take two hours to sort through the girls toys, toss out the broken ones, get all the sets put back together, and weed out what we want to put in the yard sale, I wouldn't have done this while the girls were home. And, I definitely wouldn't have done it an hour before nap time.

Didn't I read about knitting on looms a while back? I wonder if that's what those circles with the pegs where.

Wasn't Little Brother supposed to have the wood for our greenhouse by now? Eh, it was rainy earlier in the week, maybe it's taken them a few extra days to complete the project.

If we're able to get most of our produce from the greenhouse year round, that's a lot of money we could be setting back.

I love my knitting looms!

Why is it so difficult to keep clothes on a toddler?

Huh, I recognize all the different stitching techniques in Mom's sweater. I guess I can still pick up information in less than a week.

Who would have ever thought I'd be able to mix up some bread dough and roll out a dozen rounds in the time it takes to brown sausage? Practice does make perfect, I suppose.

What is it about a play kitchen that begs a child to dump the contents of their sippy cups in the plastic sink and start rubbing it in their hair?

Can I get her hair washed and have her ready to go before Mom gets here? Only one way to tell.

Hmm...the usual weekly gig is a no go until October. I wonder if I can feed four folks on $200 for the month.

Okay, I've got groceries, including enough dried beans, rice, and potatoes to make the base of our lunches and suppers for the month, and I only spent $80. I think I can manage to get our dairy and fresh produce for about $35 to $40 a week for the next three weeks.

The wood deal fell through. No greenhouse for us this year.

But, I did manage to find enough crafting supplies on sale that the money from the change jar bought enough to make gifts for about half the folks on our Christmas list.

What we make with the yard sale should cover the rest.

I forgot to get pricing stickers.

Dad's on his way home for the weekend!

* The picture is an old one of Boo Bear, taken when her great-grandparents sent her a bag of toys their older great-grandchildren had outgrown.

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