January 31, 2011

Opening Weekend

This past weekend was the opening weekend for the store. The Etsy storefront is fully operational, though I am still adding products.

The biggest part of the weekend was the open house I held for local customers. My mother offered the use of her home for the afternoon, and I had the majority of my inventory on hand. Local customers were able to come by, see and smell the soaps and bath products, feel the knits, and thumb through a copy of "Surviving Murphy."

I answered questions and filled orders while Mom served refreshments. At the end of the afternoon, the customers left happy, and I packed up what remained of my stock.

Sunday afternoon into Monday morning was spent writing an informational pamphlet and preparing a wholesale order for local mercantile, U. G. White. My full size bars and sample packs will be available there within the next few days.

My opening weekend was a success. I'm down to just three or four bars of most of my soaps and less than half the guest size soaps I made. I completely sold out of scarves and copies of "Surviving Murphy," and I had four custom orders taken down.

It's time to make my first reorder and start making those custom orders.

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