August 24, 2011

Sick Days are Serious when You're Self-Employed

Ever wake up feeling a bit "off" and think to yourself, "I'm gonna call in sick today?" Yeah, not such a great thing when you're CEO, PR, manufacturing, and shipping, otherwise known as a business with just one employee: you.

I've been sick the past week or so. Not the obvious cold kind of sick, no, that would have been too easy to figure out and medicate. No, it was one of those sneaky, slow building things that knocks you flat before you know the ground's getting closer. You know the ones. You feel fine if maybe a bit achy or in need of your allergy medicine for a few days or a week, then you can't get out of bed the next morning. The kind you could have stopped before it got bad if you'd only realized you were getting sick.

The good news is it's not contagious, and I'm slowly recovering. The bad news is stuff piled up big time while I was zonked out last week. That's why, other than the seriously scary look I'm sporting right now, the video tutorials haven't made their appearance yet. Sorry folks. They're still coming, just, let me get back to looking...alive and able to muster up some pep first.

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  1. I love the title of this post, and I certainly hope you're feeling much better now.