January 14, 2012

Places I want to visit.

Today's topic is an odd one for me. I'm supposed to write about a place I'd like to move to or visit. I love the area I'm in, and I hate traveling. Seriously, I'd rather have a root canal than travel usually because I just find it hugely stressful, plus certain modes of travel can induce wicked vertigo thanks to my faulty wiring. Still, there are places I'd love to see.

I've been fascinated by Ireland and Scotland about as long as I can remember. The legends are some of my favorites. Half Dad's family and half Mom's family come from Scotland. I love the traditional airs and reels. I want to walk the land and see it as my ancestors did.

Courtesy of Microsoft Clipart
Being the English literature geek I am, I want to visit the Lake District and see the Globe.

I want to go on a photo safari in Africa. I want to trek through jungle and swim with whales. I want to look out over the Grand Canyon and marvel at the strength and majesty of God's creation. I want to see Rome and Giza and watch the waves break against the cliffs of Dover.

Yet for all this, I might as well wish to see Earth dawning on the Moon. Even if I had money enough and time, I'm too old and creaky for adventuring, and traveling isn't exactly a priority in my life, vertigo or no.

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