February 8, 2012

Disrespecting Parents

Today's challenge topic is disrespecting your parents.

I'm Southern, born and raised. Disrespecting your parents, or any adult, was only something you did if you wanted to end up in deep trouble. Out loud in any case, but even silent disrespect could land you in hot water now and again. (There's a reason Mom's been accused of being telepathic time and again. The woman's scary good at reading body language.)

I'll admit to being a bit snarky toward my folks, Mom especially, in the privacy of my head. More so those last few years at home, while I finished college and squirreled away every dime I could before Hubby and I were married. Just the typical friction between a grown child getting ready to strike out on their own and a parent still seeing them as only half-grown.

I see so much disrespect these days. It's depressing. Young folks seem to have so little respect period, for their elders, peers, and themselves it makes no difference. Rudeness, crudity, and downright cruelty abound.

Yet, what can I do but raise my girls to respect themselves and those around them?

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