August 30, 2012

And the makeover continues...

If you've been wondering, the Etsy Store and blog makeovers are still going on. I've just hit the start of school slow down. Without Hubby home to take over the teacher role as he does during his school's breaks and weekends, I have considerably less time to spend on maintenance work for either site.

Joy's Designs
I've been benched from soaping as well as crochet though, so while I have a long list of listings or item lines that need updating pronto, I don't have a whole lot of unwrapped soaps to photograph at the moment. However, new banners should be coming very soon. I've been in talks with the lovely Joy Marich of Joy's Designs about creating new art for both banners.

I just love her hand painted shoe designs. I'll never buy a pair because I'm murder on shoes, so I'd never actually wear them for fear of destroying them. So I'm extra excited to see what she'll come up with for the banners since I know that's something I can enjoy without fear of my klutziness striking again.

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