December 10, 2012

More Random Craftiness and a Camera Fail

I wrote about my love for granny squares a while back, and I finally got around to joining all sixty one of those squares. I just finished the blanket and blocked it last night as a matter of fact.

My very first blanket made with different sized squares.

You have my apologies for the state of this photo. It seems someone kicked my camera or something in the two weeks since I took the before shots of the living room for an upcoming before and after update on our redecorating projects. This was the only photo out of the two dozen I took this morning that came out in focus, so of course it was the only one where the flash went off.

Yeah, I didn't know it until I started running the Etsy store, but the flash on a camera is your enemy when trying to take good photos. It washes out the color and creates bright spots.

Also, something I learned with this blanket, if you're making an all sizes blanket like this one, you want to make your squares in multiples of the same number, but if you're using a background color like I did here, don't break the pattern for the background color. Even though the round I did in the background color was done in double crochet like the rest of the squares, I did the round solid instead of the typical granny square pattern. It threw the stitch count off just enough to cause a lot of problems trying to fit them together.

Just a personal note at the end of this. We're in the middle of phasing out the afternoon nap for both girls, and I have way more crafty items to finish for holiday gifts than I can possibly get done in time. So, I have virtually no writing time at the moment. Please bear with me until the new year as posting will be erratic at best.

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