January 19, 2013

New Gift Sets for Valentine's Day

Yes, it's still nearly a month off, but like most stores, I started getting ready for Valentine's Day the week before Christmas. Up until this week, my preparations mostly consisted of restocking all the stuff I sold at the holiday festivals and expos and through the website over the holidays as well as taking photos.

This week, I started carrying gift sets again! The old Bath Time, Pamper Me, and Spoil Me Rotten sets have been revamped to include the two ounce guest bars in place of the old 0.7 ounce soaps. And I'm adding a whole host of new sets just in time for Valentine's Day, considering shipping times in some areas.

I love the Strawberries and Champagne sets for Valentine's. The soaps are cute, and the fragrance is just perfect for the holiday. This fragrance gets its own specialized sets because the soaps are smaller than the standard 4.5+ ounce full sized bars and 2 ounce guest soaps.

Don't think I've forgotten the guys either. There are soap and aftershave sets of varying sizes coming for them as well as sampler sets, where you can get 0.7 ounce sample size bars of all six current men's fragrances!

Right now, there are just four sets available, and not every set has all the fragrances available yet. Unfortunately, I deleted about 200 product photos back before Christmas because I thought I'd uploaded them when I hadn't just yet. (Our camera works double duty for the store and family events, and I wanted enough room on the SD card for holiday pictures.) Then the girls and I came down with "The Crud" the Saturday after Christmas, which stuck around for two full weeks plus another week where I was still coughing and having trouble breathing. When stuff like that happens, I shut down all production for the store until everyone has recovered. So I beg your patience as I finish making the new designs of salts and fizzy tabs and latest varieties of lotion, photographing them, and getting the all new sets listed.

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