February 15, 2013

Come Join the Club!

Late last week, I was asked if I could make perfumes. That's something it makes sense a perfumer would do, right? I answered that I knew how to make both liquid and solid perfume, but I haven't yet due to lack of demand and liquid perfumes being both cost prohibitive and a shipping nightmare.

As it turned out, the customer wanted a solid perfume. I'd never made any, but given the fact those can be made in teeny tiny batches, the packaging is inexpensive, and they travel well, I said sure.

Peppermint Cream Wax Tarts
So after practicing by making a China Orange solid perfume for myself, I blended a custom fragrance using the requested spice, vanilla, and woodsy notes. Then I made their solid perfume and shipped it off.

I wasn't sure about using a solid perfume. It's the evaporation of the alcohol in liquid perfumes that carries the fragrance, so how would a perfume with no alcohol in it whatsoever perform? After using the one I made for myself this past week, I can safely say I'm a convert.

Solid perfumes are more subtle than their liquid counterparts, true, but I generally find that's a good thing. They travel easier and better than liquid perfumes, and you can touch up your fragrance without running the risk of smelling like you bathed in it to those around you.

All this to say, solid perfumes will be joining the soaps, soaks, and lotions in the store along with votives and wax tarts very soon.

Atlantis Guest Soaps
I've also realized, with the addition of this year's new fragrances, I have a lot of original fragrances. So I decided to start offering a Fragrance of the Month Club. Memberships are for one year and are fully customizable. You can choose from receiving a two ounce guest soap, set of three wax tarts, a full size solid perfume, or a mix of the three at the beginning of each month. You can also choose between all feminine scents, all masculine scents, or a combination of the two.

Check out the deals section of the main page for more details or to sign up.

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