May 9, 2013

New Fragrance: Doctor Who Inspired Rainbow Hex

It's that time of year again. Con Kasterborous is coming up in just four and a half weeks, so I'm hard at work designing and producing new original fragrance lines. Today I have a look at the first of this year's three new Doctor Who inspired fragrances scheduled to debut at the convention.

Rainbow Hex Glycerin and Goat Milk Soaps
Just like the regeneration it's inspired by, Rainbow Hex is an interesting and slightly eccentric blend of marine, ozone, patchouli, lime, fresh greens, basil, and fresh cut grass. The design itself is modeled after the colorful patchwork coat worn by the 6th Doctor as portrayed by Colin Baker and is done mostly in glycerin soap with a bit of goat milk thrown in.

I actually held a contest with the local Whovian's group to determine the name. Winners were awarded their choice of any of the large soaps in the store.

Con Kasterborous will be June 8-9 here in Huntsville, Alabama. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, go get them now! It's going to be a blast.

I'll be at my booth in the dealer's room with the nine fragrances I had last year, three new Doctor Who fragrances, and four new women's scents inspired by Firefly, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and mythology. Keep a watch on the blog or subscribe for more on each new fragrance as I make them these next few weeks.


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