December 23, 2013

Avoid the Stress Haze

All the traditions and social occasions this time of year make for some of life's most memorable moments. However, it's all too easy for those memories to get lost in a haze of stress as you rush from one event to another.
Avoid the holiday stress haze

When I was brainstorming blog and video ideas earlier this month, Hubby and I came to the unsettling realization we didn't have a lot of clear memories of Christmases past. We have some photos and a few really short video clips, but just to remember them without those aids, there was nothing there.

Especially now that we're parents, and the years when our children are small are flying by, we wanted to make sure we don't loose those memories. So along with making plans to take more video and pictures this year, of course, we decided set time aside to sit down with the girls and reminisce about Christmases from our childhood and our time together.

There were some years it was tempting to pass over. Some times are memorable for less than pleasant reasons, but they were also life changing moments.

Don't let your holiday memories get lost in a stressed haze. As you celebrate this year, make time to not only take photos and video, but set the electronics aside and be in the moment. Swap stories with friends and family. Photos and video are great, but it's the process of bringing up those memories in your mind and talking about them that cement the details surrounding the images.

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