December 12, 2013

So, where is Right of Succession?

I know I said Right of Succession would be published in 2013. First, I said June. Then, I said September, and then, I said just by the end of the year.

Murphy seems to be getting back at me, because it's not going to happen. I could try to rush it, rip my hair out in frustration and stress, and fall behind with Contented Comfort. But I would rather take my time and make the last three and a half chapters the best they can possibly be, even if that means not hitting publish until sometime in 2015.

Artwork from Joy's Designs showing a woman reading "Surviving Murphy."

I have hope it won't be quite that long, but in all honesty, I have no time for writing on that level right now. The typical holiday things like cleaning, cooking, and getting those last few gifts are dominating my to do list at the moment. The family and I are just now getting the hang of juggling the day job and keeping up with Contented Comfort.

The next week and a half will be a tad insane. I plan to write and schedule posts a couple of weeks ahead, so come Christmas Eve, I can be totally present with Hubby, the girls, and our extended family from the time I walk back in the door until I once again leave for the day job the following week. At the same time, the blog, YouTube, ect. will keep on updating as usual.

Well, better than usual for much of the year.

That's the thing. Back when everything was up in the air, Hubby and I were both in crisis mode. When that happens, things like social media and blogging get forgotten. I tried my best to keep going on Succession because I'd said I was going to publish it this year, but eventually, the search for work, for either myself or Hubby, dominated my thoughts. At the time, writing something which may or may not sale seemed like a selfish waste of time, so it got shoved to the back burner.

It just so happened that the day job opened up just two weeks before the start of the fall show season. I'm incredibly lucky to have an entrepreneur friendly boss who was understanding of the fact I'd booked and paid for booths at events months before signing on with his company. He allowed a flexible schedule so long as I worked the correct amount of hours during the pay period. So, things were hectic during the show season and beyond, but doable.

When I did have a bit of free time, all I wanted to do was sleep though. Thankfully this has started to change thanks to finally starting on a thyroid treatment last month. The constant exhaustion and brain fog resulting from a sluggish thyroid has begun to lift, so I have hope those last few chapters will be rewritten, edited, proofed, and ready to go within the months to come.

I've learned my lesson about making promises though. I'm not going to promote a publication date until I have the proofs in hand.

How are you dealing with holiday stress and the mounting responsibilities and obligations this time of year? I want to hear your tips for keeping the joy in the holiday season for the adults.

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