July 9, 2014

Working Behind the Scenes

I know it looks like nothing has been going on since Con Kasterborous the last weekend in June, but there has been a lot happening "behind the scenes" so to speak.

Hubby and I both came down with con crud, and both girls had a bad case of hay fever that weekend. So the whole first week of July, we were all miserable. I'm thankful Hubby and the girls are back to feeling at 100%. I've had a cough and sinus issues that refuse to go away, and I woke up on July 4th almost completely deaf in one ear. Because of this, I have avoided any and all crafting, but that doesn't mean I've been idle.

Soap and Perfume Booth at Craft Fair
My booth at last year's Homespun.

Since Right of Succession was published, I've been looking into promotional avenues for it and am in the "prewriting" phase for The Icarus Project. What this means is I'm going through the chapters that were published on The Writer's Hood science fiction page back in 2004-2005, roughing out an outline, and making notes on the research I need to do. This phase and the research usually takes two to three weeks, and then I get into writing the rough draft.

At the same time, I have been working on updates and improvements over at Contented Comfort. I've just about finished with the updates to the main pages, and I'm beginning the process of getting all items in stock listed in a storefront completely integrated into the website.

Crochet Adipose Plush Toy
Prototype Adipose Plush: Item coming to Contented Comfort soon!

This means items will no longer be available through my old Etsy store. However, all items will soon be available at Contented Comfort. If you need something now, which isn't listed yet, you can simply email me.

I have also been working on getting events and appearances for the remainder of the year lined up. I applied to the third for the fall season just this morning.

Finally, I have been giving consideration to ways to give the business and blog more focus and higher quality content. I'll go into that more in later posts.

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