September 23, 2014

Fall Season Kickoff: The Geek Gathering

Our fall event season got started this past weekend with The Geek Gathering in Sheffield, Alabama.

All in all, it was a good convention. Turnout was high, and the costumes were amazing. They had some good guests, especially considering they are a young convention. Oh, and Hubby finally got his picture taken with the TARDIS. There were so many other photos we wanted to take, but idiot me forgot to pack the camera.

TARDIS and Adipose Plushie
Hubby posed with the TARDIS and baby Adipose.

All that said, I don't think we will return next year unless the venue is changed to one where they have a main room to hold the concerts and contests. The bands were good, and we love seeing the costumes. However I'm already going against my ENT's orders by working conventions and festivals at all and in real danger of needing hearing aids before I turn forty. Loud speakers in an enclosed space cranked up to get over the background rumble of hundreds of simultaneous conversations are just too much for me to handle.

Why not just wear ear plugs? Even though I've been practicing for a couple of years now, I'm still really bad at lip reading, even with my own kids. If I were to wear ear plugs at an event I'm working, I'd be completely useless, not just when it comes to speaking with individuals who have very deep or high voices.

Hubby could hear a little better, despite being totally deaf in one ear, since his hearing range is at least normal. He was our saving grace this weekend, speaking with customers when I couldn't understand what they were saying.

We're back home now, checking inventory, and getting ready for Rocket City NerdCon October 24-25, which will be the girls' first convention. We hope to have more than just one Adipose baby and a brand new product available by then. Watch for updates on that front.

The following weekend will see us out at Hilltop Arts Festival for the third year in a row. It's been one of the best arts festivals in the area for us. Although there is live music, it's outside during a cool part of the year, and the area right around the stage itself is where they usually have the musicians booths set up. The artists and handcrafters are set up close enough to hear but far enough away to be able to speak with our customers easily.

And as always, there's our annual Black Friday and Christmas online sales coming up after Thanksgiving!

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