October 21, 2014

Holiday Traditions May Vary

I've seen posts today about how movements to improve health and diets are killing our holidays, the "big three" in particular. While I can see where the writers are coming from and agree with some of their points, I'd like to point out, holiday traditions may vary.

toddler girl with pumpkin
Sneak excited by the pumpkins and fallen leaves her second fall season.

Not everyone has the same idea about how holidays should be celebrated, and that's okay.

Some people love to go trick-or-treating with their kids and rack up enough candy to put them all into a diabetic coma. Others prefer "trunk-or-treat" or parties. A few just do something special with their family, and still others want nothing to do with the holiday. How does another person's preference affect you at all?

Maybe it is because I was raised with the notion of only trick-or-treating at the houses of people you know, but I don't understand how one person's desire to substitute fruit or vegetable based treats ruins your night if you're one who wants a sugar rush. If their idea of a good treat doesn't match yours, don't bug them, and certainly don't egg their house for "revenge."

Why do we have to make any difference of opinion or taste into a "war" on something or other these days? 

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