March 31, 2016

Getting Back on Schedule

Between a two day cold following the Expo on the 19th, a migraine that set in Tuesday afternoon and lasted into Wednesday, and just a lot of fatigue and pain the rest of the week, not much got done during our spring break. I'd planned to take care of the post event inventory and write last week's Flash Fiction Friday on Sunday. I was going to inventory my supplies and place a restock order as well as catch up on housework and write on Icarus Monday. I was supposed to write a blog post and another few hundred on Icarus come Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was slated to be our gardening day, and then Friday and Saturday were supposed to be the same as usual. Instead I was in bed much of the week.

Thankfully Hubby was home to help. He kept most of the housework going while I recuperated Sunday and Monday. Then he kept going when the migraine I'd been experiencing an aura for a good chunk of the week before hit Tuesday afternoon after we'd gotten home from the gardens. If it weren't for his help, I'd still be hip deep in catch up work even now.

It's amazing how quick dishes stack up, especially when you cook from scratch at home on a regular basis. I'm used to this fact. I barely even notice the never ending cycle of dishes anymore. Hubby doesn't see much of it during the week. Sure he helps clean up after dinner, but the breakfast and lunch dishes get done while he's at work every day. Hearing his surprise and frustration at how the dishes seem to multiply out of thin air brings with it an unusual mix of pride and amusement. Pride that I've been keeping up with it all well enough he can forget how fast they pile up, and amusement at the fact this doesn't occur to him given he knows how many dishes we need to set the table for each meal.

I did get the restock order placed last week. My wholesaler had a flash sale on big ticket items I knew I needed badly, and I ordered the rest based on my best guess given what items I use up the fastest. The actual inventory was done in bits and pieces Sunday and Monday, and I updated my records and website Monday afternoon.

I've caught up on the other housework throughout the week in drips and drabs as I could make time. I'm much farther behind on Icarus than I'd like to be, what with the entire week I lost due to illness. But, I went back to it quicker and with a greater drive than I have after breaks in the past.

I almost never allow myself more than one day off in a row. At the very most I'll take two or three, and this catch up is why. It can't always be helped though. There's nothing for it but to take it a little at a time and keep working until everything is caught up.

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