April 25, 2016

Closing the Blog

As much as I've loved this blog over the years, it's time to close it down. Now that we've begun vlogging on YouTube, it's become redundant. Half the posts I've written in the last month have been rehashing the same things we vlogged, and to be quite frank, it's time I could put to better use writing short stories or novels, creating articles on writing for my author's blog, writing DIY tutorials for Contented Comfort's blog, or designing soaps and perfumes for the store.

I hope the few of you who actually read this blog on a regular basis will understand. Thank you for your support over the years.

If you'd like to keep up with our little family or my work, please check out the links within this post or to the right.

Thank you again for reading, and I wish you the best in years to come.

Good-bye, Diary of a Work-at-Home-Mom.

April 21, 2016

Garden Update

The past several weekends have been rainy, cold, windy, or some combination of all three. Because of this, it took almost a month longer to build the last section of our garden beds and fill them than we would have liked. However, this past Saturday dawned sunny and warm, so we grabbed some breakfast, got dressed, and headed off to the local Lowe's to get the chicken wire, topsoil, and compost we needed.

Within an hour, we were back home and getting to work. We guesstimated we would need 20 cubic feet of soil to fill the bean bed, so that's what we got. You can see it there beside the bed materials in the heaps of bags.

April 18, 2016

Why Write Reviews?

Monday before last, I talked about having the goal of reading and writing reviews for two books before the end of June. Why am I doing that?

There are several reasons behind this decision.

April 14, 2016

Celebrating Eleven Years

Hubby and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary last week. We're coming up on fifteen years together as a couple come September, and it dawned on us that we'll meet that "half our lives" together milestone in just a few years.

Taken Thanksgiving of 2002. We'd just announced our engagement.

How time flies!

April 11, 2016

Implementing Quarterly Goals

I've spent the last several years looking for a way to increase focus and productivity in my everyday and work life. I've tried daily, weekly, or monthly goals and gotten overwhelmed. On the other side of things, I tried making yearly goals and forgot about them. I'm going to shoot for a "happy medium" and try implementing quarterly goals.

I mean. I get some stuff done, but I need to do more!
Starting now, since April is the beginning of the second sales quarter of the year, I will post several goals to be met over the following three months. Then I'll come back at the start of the next quarter, reveal how I did, and list my goals for the following quarter. Y'all will keep me accountable, right?

April 7, 2016

Garden Update

I'd hoped we'd have more of a garden update for you today than we do. Between inclement weather and finishing up the last of the catch up work this past weekend, we didn't get to finish building the beds or filling them the rest of the way. We have our fingers crossed and are praying we will be able to get that done this weekend.

Here are our seedlings as of Saturday, April 2.
We did plant a few bush bean seedlings the week after we built our garden beds. Unfortunately we thought evaporation would be more of an issue than it was and overwatered them a bit as a result. This meant only four of the sixteen we planted germinated. The others contracted some kind of infection and died before they broke the soil.

April 4, 2016

Pied Piper iPad

It's no secret we've allowed the girls to use what electronics we have over the years. I've talked about "tech schooling" and the girls' computerized lessons off an on. I think I even might have mentioned vintage video game family nights a time or two. We've always tried to place limits, but still, the electronics call to them like the Pied Piper of the modern day, and we'd occasionally let them have "just a little" longer because a few moments of peace seemed worth it for days when work was particularly trying.

Sneak "teaching" a friend how to play a game when she was 3.
Hubby and I decided to implement more strict rules regarding screen time toward the end of spring break. With the distraction of illness and just trying to keep things running with one of us out of commission, we let them have way more time than usual. Being kids who still believe in "more is more," they took full advantage. Within a couple of days they began snapping at one another and fighting over games or movie picks and just showing a general lack of regard for one another as they got lost in an endless stream of entertainment. They were like addicts looking for their next hit, and we knew we had to put a stop to it right away.

March 31, 2016

Getting Back on Schedule

Between a two day cold following the Expo on the 19th, a migraine that set in Tuesday afternoon and lasted into Wednesday, and just a lot of fatigue and pain the rest of the week, not much got done during our spring break. I'd planned to take care of the post event inventory and write last week's Flash Fiction Friday on Sunday. I was going to inventory my supplies and place a restock order as well as catch up on housework and write on Icarus Monday. I was supposed to write a blog post and another few hundred on Icarus come Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was slated to be our gardening day, and then Friday and Saturday were supposed to be the same as usual. Instead I was in bed much of the week.

March 28, 2016

A Visit to the Botanical Gardens

Long time readers will know our family takes a yearly trip to the local botanical gardens every summer around the girls' birthdays. It's usually the only time we can afford the ticket price plus gas plus time plus snacks for the day. However, I lucked out and won a Twitter contest held by the gardens a few days before this year's spring break for Hubby's school.

Here's a pic from our first trip as a family for comparison.
We allow the girls to have half days when Hubby is off for school holidays aside from summer vacation, so time wasn't a problem this time. We needed to head into town anyway to run errands on Tuesday, so gas wasn't a big issue. So we packed up our own water bottles from home, grabbed a box of trail mix bars, and went to the gardens several months earlier than is our usual.

March 24, 2016

Starting Our Seedlings

Two weeks ago, we built the frame for our garden bed this year. Well, we built the main part anyway. We ran out of chicken wire before we started on the last 4 x 4 bed because we'd ordered a 4 x 12 bed, and we didn't realize it would come with enough materials to build a whole other bed. Anyway, we decided to start a few plants from seed last week.

We decided to start our beans indoors since they're a bit more "picky" than the radishes, which will be fine being planted directly into the beds this week. And the pumpkin won't be ready to plant for another month or so. We will be purchasing tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants from the same nursery we did last year in another few weeks, and we  plan to purchase several lettuce varieties while we were at Lowe's getting dirt in a couple of days..