April 7, 2016

Garden Update

I'd hoped we'd have more of a garden update for you today than we do. Between inclement weather and finishing up the last of the catch up work this past weekend, we didn't get to finish building the beds or filling them the rest of the way. We have our fingers crossed and are praying we will be able to get that done this weekend.

Here are our seedlings as of Saturday, April 2.
We did plant a few bush bean seedlings the week after we built our garden beds. Unfortunately we thought evaporation would be more of an issue than it was and overwatered them a bit as a result. This meant only four of the sixteen we planted germinated. The others contracted some kind of infection and died before they broke the soil.

So we cleared those away and tried again. We're sticking to a stingy once a week watering routine instead of a more generous one every three days like we did last time, and it's working. All the beans have germinated this time. Some are pushing up through the soil now, and others are just below the surface but fairing well from what we can tell.

As it turns out, this was probably for the best. We've had another cold snap and some rough storms in the past week or so. It's too late to bring in a crop of broccoli or sprouts before we need to start planting the summer crops anyway. So we'll keep tending to the bean seedlings inside and prepare the garden on our next dry and sunny weekend. We'll save the planting for early May since we will be purchasing most of our young plants from a local nursery.

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