May 5, 2008

An odd sort of feeling...

I've been kicking around the idea of trying The Icarus Project as a television series, and I took some time yesterday afternoon and evening to sketch out a rough outline of what the first season would be.

It's an odd feeling, taking something you originally envisioned as a short story, then a novel, and converting it into a whole other medium. I have to admit though, so far it looks like it'd work even better than I'd hoped. I was able to sketch out rough ideas for a full sixteen episode first season using a modified version of the original story and the plans I had for future chapters left unwritten.

Now there's just a revisiting of the old material, as I seem to have forgotten all but the main three characters in the past few years, writing scripts for the first three or four episodes, and fleshing out rest of the season outline to include actual sections for each episode to go. Then on to the hunt for an agent. (Of course, all this will have to be squeezed in between work on Ben and Succession as well as whatever paying gigs I have at the time.)

Hopefully the writer's strike will be over by the time I get done with all that.

Oh, bonus, my mother unearthed the missing notebooks I've been searching for these past two and a half years. I knew I'd made notes on this and that I wanted to allude to as "cookies" for my attentive readers in the margins of my college notebooks whenever we came across a piece I wanted to reference. It's nice to see I wasn't loosing my mind.

Originally posted 2/8/2008

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