May 5, 2008

Update on the Bump

Well, it looks like my poor hubby will be permanently outnumbered. You’ve got it. We’re expecting another little girl.

Thus far it looks like little Sneak is doing just fine. She’s about ten inches long and the ultrasound measurements estimate her current weight at an average 13 ounces. Her spine is well formed, as straight as it’s supposed to be, and all closed up. Her little heart is pumping away and all major organs are working as expected.

Apparently she sleeps much the same way I do, with her hands tucked up near her head. It took us a good twenty minutes to get a look at more than just a fourth of her face, and we only managed it then because she yawned. Yes, she’s a lazy baby, a fact that’s cause me a fair amount of concern these past few weeks, but my grandmother assures me it’s just the way some babies are. According to her, Mom barely moved at all the whole last month before she was born.

Maybe this means Sneak will be less of a sleep hater than her big sister. One can only hope.

Originally Posted 3/27/2008

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