August 22, 2008

Dealing with a Cluttered Desktop.

When I worked for the local radio broadcasting company a few years back, computer maintenance was just another part of my weekly schedule. I was the assistant for the entire sales staff for four stations, so my computer was something of an information hub. I had basic information packets, sales materials, backups for each of the fifteen to twenty account executives’ projects and presentations, and hundreds of logos to keep straight, so organization and security were high priorities.

Taking an hour or so to clear out duplicated or outdated files and emails, make sure everything was in the correct folder, compress old files, run virus and adware scans, and defragment the hard drive each Friday afternoon was just common sense. Yet I can never seem to find time to organize my personal files.

To be perfectly honest, it’s a wonder I can find anything in the jumble of chapters, short stories, articles, reviews, home schooling materials, and pictures. It’s a mess. It bothers me to no end. There’s always something else I need to do though, and the chores out here in the real world take precedence over the ones in the virtual realm.

I’m normally an organized person, one of those people with a place for every single thing, so why is it so easy to forget to organize something I use every day?

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