August 28, 2008

Right of Succession Weekly Update

Unfortunately, there's not much to report this week. Between Father-in-law's parents coming up from Savannah to visit on Friday, a one-month-old not feeling well while going through a growth spurt at the same time, a toddler determined not to nap anymore, a visit to the doctor, and Father-in-law's heart surgery, things have been kind of crazy here at home. As a result, I've had my hands full of a sleep deprived toddler and a infant who eats like she's a ravening wolf cub.

I took advantage of what little time I managed to snag here and there to write in my notebook, but those moments were few, far between, and short lived. Plus, I couldn't really remember where I'd left off with the Succession rewrites before, so I had no idea where I needed to start back. That's why I'd planned on going back through and rereading what I'd done. At least I did get a chance to start on that yesterday.

You see, it took me a day or two, but I finally figured out there was going to be no way I'd be able to get anything at all done on Succession unless I used the laptop Hubby and I share and work at the kitchen desk instead of the one in the office. For one, Hubby's needed the office computer to keep looking for a position to further his quest for a career change. Besides, I can get more done when Boo can play under the desk while I work instead of either trying to climb the bookshelves or screaming outside the door because Mama's inside, and apparently Daddy isn't enough to suit her.

Then, I had to track down the charger for said laptop. It's been sitting unused since the end of the former school year, and the battery was depleted. I found the charger yesterday afternoon and began going back through the completed rewrites, correcting the occasional typo and getting back into the voice of the story. Unfortunately, Boo cut her nap short just as Sneak woke to eat, so I only managed the first half of chapter one. However, I did find something I'd forgotten. I rewrote the first few paragraphs of chapter five a few months back, so there's more done than I originally thought.

Well, Father-in-law's parents are heading home this morning now that Father-in-law is through his surgery safely and back home. Boo, if she follows her normal pattern, will settle back into her regular nap schedule as things settle back into the routine, and Sneak is nearly through this growth spurt and not due for another one for about a month. So, circumstances should make for a more productive week to come.

Knock on wood.

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