January 30, 2009

And folks wonder why I hate winter....

Our heating bill arrived, and it's outrageous! Seriously, it's over 3/5 as much as we pay in rent a month.

We had some bitter weather this month, much colder than is normal for this area in January, and we're paying the price. And this is with layering and keeping the thermostat set as low as we can stand it!

More funny pictures

Thank goodness we're moving this coming month! The new house is the same size as the current one, but it's at least fifty years newer, better designed, and much more energy efficient.

Setting the thermostat at 68 degrees, when the house will actually get up to 68 degrees is one thing. Setting it at 68 degrees and having the house never get over 50 degrees is another thing entirely.

No wonder Boo and Sneak have been sick all month!

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