February 5, 2009

Breaking Ground on The Cookbook

I broke ground on the budget saver's cookbook last night. There's no real title yet, and I'm still in the brainstorming phase. But it feels good to start a new project I might actually stand a chance of finishing in a timely manner.

It seems I've been the type who can never leave a recipe alone since Granny D taught me to cook when I was twelve. Maybe it's because Mom was the same way, maybe I'm just ornery that way, but I'm grateful for it at the moment.

Hubby never knows whether to groan or actually look forward to supper when I start rummaging around in the pantry and can't tell him exactly what we're having to eat. Sometimes it's a rousing success on the first try; sometimes it's a disaster, but food is rarely boring around here. (Three months of horrible morning sickness and aversions to almost everything we used to eat notwithstanding.) Those, "Hey, I wonder," moments are why we have several recipes unique to our little family.

Unfortunately my personal recipe book is rather unbalanced at the moment. You see, unlike my Mom, I have a particular penchant for creating new confections where she mainly did savory, spicy dishes. Perhaps I should ask her to be a coauthor.

* Pictures is Granny D and Boo at Thanksgiving. See what happens when you're not paying attention to a toddler when there are pies within reach?

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